First Aid / Health & Security

The tournament organizers will only be responsible for the provision of first aid during the tournament games and transportation of people if needed to hospital or private clinic for further first aid provision.

Referees, teams and player’s parents are responsible and obliged to confirm for themselves that referees and players are healthy enough to participate in sports and in particular the tournament competitive or friendly games and any other activity during the tournament.

The tournament will operate a number of first aid stations, enough to cover the tournament area where people and teams can apply for help at any time during the tournament. You can also visit the reception desk and ask for the official tournament doctors.

Field marshals (one in every field) will be responsible for the smooth operation of the tournament and will be present and available for you for any kind of help or inquiry as well as for calling first aid providers security men.

The tournament will follow all measures and guidelines provided by the Health ministry and World Health Organization as well as our Cyprus government authorities in relation to COVID 19 Pandemic and will implement if required any protocol provided for the organization of the tournament event.