10 minutes of short interviews!
Let's hear what our friends from outside Cyprus and foreign team representatives have to say about our tournament in 10 minutes of short interviews! Words speak for themselves! Many thanks for your ...
Let's share some previous years' moments!
Love the spirit and the atmosphere of a semifinal game in our tournament. You have to live it to believe it! ...
Team work, communication, cooperation and understanding
Team work, communication, cooperation and understanding is our secret of success and achievement of high level of Tournament Organization and Services Provision as below! All team arrangements includ...
Reasons to Participate in Ayia Napa Youth Soccer Festival
Top Level Venue - Facilities (Ayia Napa Municipality Sports Center). 15 excellent maintained natural grass pitches. Main Central Stadium with spectators stands for Finals day and ending ceremony. ...
Simple things and minor details

Simple things and minor details can make the big difference!

Today's advise to our young players:
Sleep early and rest enough to perform well as a player.

Love school like you love football!

Study hard like you train hard in football.

A good student can become an exceptional player.

Hydration is very important
Hydration is very important as part of your everyday sports schedule. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day with plenty of water and approved energy drinks under your sports nutritionist guidance...
High level of sports and diet go together
Visit your team sports nutritionist for your balanced sports diet always depending on your personal requirements. Take a step further to the next level of your development as a player....
New Season with new targets!
Visit your doctor and get your full medical report ready the soonest.
A healthy and well prepared athlete is always ready for the new challenges.
Back in Action for New Season 2022 - 2023!

We wish to all academies, their managing and technical staff, but above all to their young players an enjoyable, productive and successful new season period!

Back to school

Love School like you love football and our tournament!

Study hard and everyday like you do in your favorite sport!

Holiday time!


Month of Holidays, fun & leisure!

Enjoy every minute!

Official registrations

Official registrations from September 1st, 2022

Relax and enjoy your summer time!

Stay focused to what you love!

Prepare yourselves well for next season!

But above all ....!
Keep looking for our next tournament event!

Well done AEL Academy
Well done AEL Academy and thank you for being with us. This is the spirit! This is the way to go! ...