The ideal weather conditions and the excellent climate that prevails throughout the year in Cyprus in combination with the excellent sports facilities of the Municipality of Ayia Napa create the most suitable conditions for the ideal competitive presence of teams of any level and category for their participation in the organization of our tournament as well as for the preseason preparation.

The sports facilities of Ayia Napa Municipality include 16 excellently planted and preserved football fields with easy access and close proximity to nearby hotels and the city center. They are located in Kokkines in an idyllic landscape, high up overlooking the tourist resort of Ayia Napa and its beautiful beaches.

Ayia Napa Sports Center has long had a reputation as an excellent training center for football teams arriving from many European countries, especially during the mild winter months from November to March.

The presence of many hotel units in a very close distance (5-10 minutes) from the stadiums, in combination with the very organized and economically advantageous packages for accommodation, food and organized football activities such as tournaments, training camps and friendly games, are the guarantee for a successful football tour in Cyprus.

Map of sports facilities

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Map of sports facilities and area in google maps