General Statement

The tournament organizers will try to operate on the basis as described below but will retain the right to change the program in line with outside influences such as inclement weather, late arrivals and late changes to fixtures or for any other reason.

The program of events can be extended before or after the tournament to meet the team requirements especially of overseas teams.

Teams are obliged to arrive for their games in time so as to avoid delays, complaints or possible disqualifications. Late start of games is not allowed unless caused by serious and unpredictable reasons. In such justified cases and if possible the tournament disciplinary board reserves the right to appoint new time for games to start.

The tournament organizers retain the right to adjust or change any of the tournament rules and regulations at any time prior or during the tournament without any prior notice to teams for the smooth running of the tournament games and the tournament event in general. Such changes will be notified to teams straight after the decision.