Welcome Teams

Σωματείο Ομόνοια Παλιομετόχου
Welcome Σωματείο Ομόνοια Παλιομετόχου. No matter the size and level of the Academy our tournament is there to welcome and give the chance to as many young players as possible to take part and live th...
Ready to go girls!

While preparing for the boys' age group draws, let's look at the girls' U15 age group participation.

Ready to go girls!

Enjoy every minute of your tournament games!

The English School Nicosia
The English School Nicosia - The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award. Welcome to our tournament and the girls U15 competition. So nice to have you girls with us! Have fun and enjoy your partici...
Αχυρώνας-Ονήσιλος F.C.

New entry from our neighboring newly established club of Αχυρώνας-Ονήσιλος F.C.

Enjoy your first participation!

Elpida Liopetriou

Welcome to our tournament.

Thanks for supporting the event to grow even bigger!

Αθλητικός Όμιλος Αυγόρου

Short history with willingness to grow.

For the second consecutive year with us.

Thank you for your participation.

Enjoy your games!

Professional Football Academy

Participation from another successful academy coming from the capital city of Nicosia.

Enjoy your time with us!

Fan Aiantas

FanAiantas. Always present in the event.

Welcome and wish you the best again this year.

Musits Football Academy

One of the greatest ever foreign players to play in Cyprus football will be with us with his football academy in this year's tournament event.

Thank you for your participation!

Doxa Katokopias

Welcome again Doxa Katokopias.

We appreciate your support!

ASIL Lysis
A club close to a century of history to remind us of the good old times and of our occupied home lands. A long journey for you to be proud of! ASIL Lysis. Together again soon!...
Mavroudes Football Academy M.F.A.

Coming back after a year of break for Mavroudes Football Academy M.F.A.

The game level of the event is going up for sure.

Welcome back and good luck!

Cosmopolis Sporting F.A.

New entry from our friend academy Cosmopolis Sporting F.A. Vasos Sporting Michael.

Welcome and thanks for joining the biggest youth sports event in Cyprus!

Omonoia F.C.
Looking forward to a great comeback to our tournament for one of the biggest clubs of the Official Cyprus Football Association. OMONOIA FC - Ακαδημία Ποδοσφαίρου Ομόνοιας Λευκωσίας. Cannot wait to ...
Galacticos Academy

One of our oldest academy friends and supporters.

Look forward to seeing you in April!

AEL Limassol F.C.

Another tournament entry from one of the biggest clubs of the Cyprus Football Association.

AEL Limassol FC.

Welcome again for another great experience!

Ayia Napa F.C.

Many thanks to the home town academy for there participation and support in the event.

Wish you good luck!

Chalkanoras Idaliou

Welcome again Chalkanoras Idaliou to another tournament event.

Thank you for being part of Ayia Napa Youth Soccer Festival.

Camp 21

We welcome Camp 21, one of the newest but rapidly growing local academies.

All the best for the future!

ENAD Polis Chrysochous

A big welcome to ENAD Polis Chrysochous.

From one end of the island to the other!

Distance is nothing compared to living the experience of our tournament!

Football STAR Academy Cyprus

Football STAR Academy Cyprus.

Welcoming another of our great supporters and fans!

Enjoy the game!

PAEEK Keryneia FC
PAEEK Keryneia FC Honoring our tournament event with participation numbers reaching the biggest ever to come from one single academy. Thank you for your trust and support. Look forward to welcoming...
Moundialito Academy

Welcome Moundialito Academy

Together again!

Wish you the best in our competition!

Farma F.C.

Moving on with more participations from our capital city of Nicosia.

Good luck to our friends from Farma FC.

Geroskipou F.C.
We all know Geroskipou as famous for their local traditional sweet delights (Loukoumi). It's time to get to know them in football aswell. Welcome to our tournament. Enjoy your time in Ayia Napa!...
Anorthosis FC Academy Larnaca

Another one participation from one of the top clubs in Cyprus, Anorthosis FC Academy Larnaca.

We thank you for your repeating participations with teams from all over Cyprus!

AEK Larnaca
AEK Larnaca, qualification to the last 16 of the UEFA Europa Conference League! What a honor for Cyprus Football and for our tournament to have AEK Larnaca FC Academy with us again this year. Congr...
Marios Christodoulou Football School
Another great explayer of Cyprus football, Marios Christodoulou Football School will be with us again with the biggest ever delegation and number of teams to participate this year. Welcome and well ...
Nicosia F.C. Junior

We welcome one of the regular supporters and valuable friends of our tournament, Nicosia F.C. Junior.

All together again... soon!

Anagennisi Deryneias F.C.

More then a century of club history for Anagennisi Deryneias F.C.

It is a honor to have you with us every year!

Wish you the best of success!

Fun Fever F.C. Academy

Another one participation from our capital city of Nicosia and from Fun Fever F.C. Academy!

Long years' of support.

Thank you!

ToP_11 Soccer Academy

Welcome ToP_11 Soccer Academy.

Many thanks for being with us for another great experience.

Good luck!

Valencia C.F. Soccer School Nicosia
Valencia C.F. Soccer School Nicosia. Another one participation representing a big name European Club. Thanks for being part of our event!...
Espergaerde IF - Denmark
Espergaerde IF (Denmark). Official Registration! Age group 2009. Look forward to welcoming you in our next year's tournament event in Ayia Napa....
Dragao FC
We thank Dragao FC, coming from our Nicosia capital city for their repeating participations and support in all aspects!...
Kids Soccer School - Εθνικός Άχνας
Another participation from our nearby friends, Kids Soccer School-Εθνικός Άχνας. Welcome and good luck to your teams!...
Nikki Coerver Academy
We welcome Nikki Coerver Academy, one of the oldest Academies on the island with many success stories! Going back to our tournament start recalling some great memories with Nikki Coerver Academy!...
Akritas Chlorakas Club and Keravnos Pafou Academy

Another one participation Akritas Chlorakas Club and Keravnos Pafou Academy joining forces and coming from the other end of the island to participate.

Proud to bring Cyprus together!

Aris Limassol F.C
One of the rising clubs Aris Limassol F.C of Official Cyprus Football Association will be with us for the first time! Let's welcome and wish them the best!...
City FSC

Always there in our recent history City FSC.

One of the many of Nicosia's capital city successful academies.

Enjoy yourselves in our tournament and in Ayia Napa.

Paralimni Kids Soccer Academy
Welcome again Paralimni Kids Soccer Academy to our tournament event. The support of our hometown academies is very much appreciated!...
Efthymiades Football Academy
Together forever! Efthymiades Football Academy. Never missed a competition since our 1st one back in 2001! Our respect for your support but above all the ethos, sports spirit and right conduct you...
Eleven Football Pro
One of last year's winners Eleven Football Pro from Lebanon are looking to repeat their 2022 victory in one or maybe more of the three age groups they will join (2007/2008/2009)! Welcome again and...
Nea Salamis Ammochostos A.C.
Welcoming the historic club of Nea Salamis Ammochostos A.C. Another Cyprus Association Professional Club participation. You are there to remind us of the illegal invasion and occupation of our home ...
Beirut Football Academy - BFA
One of the biggest academies of Lebanon Beirut Football Academy - BFA will be taking part again this year with the biggest ever group to arrive from our neighboring country. Look forward to welcoming...
Enosis Neon Paralimniou FC
All the best to Enosis Neon Paralimniou FC Academy for the club's 87th birthday. Welcome again to our tournament. Wish you the best for the future!...
Amman FC
 Welcome again Amman FC from Jordan to our tournament event. It is a great pleasure to have you with us every year. We appreciate your support!...
Larnaca Soccer Academy - L.S.A

Well done Larnaca Soccer Academy - L.S.A for joining our tournament event for the first time!

Enjoy it!

Athletico F.A.

One of the oldest and long history Academies of Cyprus will be with us again this year!

Welcome Athletico F.A.

MSL Football Academy
We welcome again our Lebanese friends MSL Football Academy in our tournament! Enjoy every minute of your stay!...
Olympiacos Piraeus Soccer Schools
One of the biggest European Clubs of Olympiacos Piraeus will be represented in our tournament by the Official Olympiacos Piraeus Soccer Schools in Cyprus and its branches coming from all cities on the...
Milenko Spoljaric Football School
Milenko Spoljaric, one of the legends of Cyprus Football with his Milenko Spoljaric Football School will be part of our tournament event again this year. Thanks you for your support! Respect!...
Lemasia Football Academy

First to register from Limassol City!

Welcome Lemasia Football Academy and wish you the best of fun and success in our tournament!

Juventus Academy Cyprus
 Welcome again Juventus Academy Cyprus to our tournament. One of the biggest official Academies of Italian giant club Juventus will be with us. Good luck!...
IRIS International Sports Academy
Great news for IRIS International Sports Academy. Back in operation and in full action with coming back to our tournament event after a few years break. Welcome back and wish you the best!...
T.F.A - Total Football Academy

Welcome again T.F.A - Total Football Academy.

You have the experience and certainly know how to enjoy yourselves in our tournament event!

Lythrodontas Football Academy - L.F.A

Moving ahead with team registrations!

Welcome Lythrodontas Football Academy - L.F.A

Thank you for adding up to the tournament colors!

Maracana Club

Welcoming Maracana Club for the first time in our tournament!

Enjoy the football experience!

Pafos FC

Welcome Pafos FC.

Official Registration!

Cannot wait to welcome again one of the top clubs in Cyprus in our tournament event!

Panthers Football Academy

Welcome Panthers Football Academy for your 2nd consecutive participation.

First local academy official registration for this year's event!