Personal Data

Right to film and use of images and photos
Protection of personal data (law of GDPR)

The organizers retain the right of any kind of use of audiovisual material including the names, photo and video images of minor players and their teams in mass media and in any type of tournament promotion such as advertising leaflets, flyers, brochures as well as radio, television and internet media.

The professional video and camera taping and recording of the games and the tournament area by other private individuals or legal persons is strictly prohibited especially if it is for commercial purposes.

We also specify that we are not in any way responsible for the personal use of photos or videos taken, and cannot control the use of the camera to capture images and videos of children from relatives, friends or other viewers who may view and post them to mass and social media.

We note that as organizers we take all measures to ensure the proper use of the image and the name of the children and that any official audiovisual material is used solely for the purposes of the event as intended. If you find that the above use is not appropriate then you should let us know immediately.

As a result, by submitting and accepting your children to participate in our tournament event with their groups, you automatically accept the above-mentioned terms to which you have every right not to accept or withdraw your consent to the right use and display of the name and image of your minor children by informing us in writing, but without prejudice to the legality of any publication or display by us prior to withdrawal of consent. Please note that, in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and Law N.125 (I) 2018, once the child footballer is 14 years of age or older, he / she is able to provide his legal consent with respect to the foregoing.